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Pegging you now 💖 TRANS MOMMY JUNE 💖

Posted: Sun. Jan. 22 01:01:07 2023

Hey; my name is June Valerie 🥰 
However I'd love it if you call me mommy.
I am a 26 year old curvy trans girl with C cup boobs and a 5" girldick;
I really enjoy kink, particularly taking a dominant role and playing with my dolls like a toy, fair warning that if you want me to be your submissive doll I have to already know and trust you or have another worker present for safety reasons☺️
In bed, I exclusively top, so if you message expecting me to bottom i will assume you have not read my profile and turn you down.
I am available for coffee or social dates at a lower rate if you'd like to see how we click before taking things further 
If you are nervous or have never been with a trans girl before, please let me know and we can take our time with our bookings and go at whatever pace you feel comfortable going at; there are no expectations and we will only do what you consent to doing. 🥰
Double Sessions:
I'm happy to organise a doubles session for you! 
I have a lot of cute friends I can organise to play with us, this will be double the base rate price and is at the discretion of other workers schedules.
^ this applies to all services except handjobs ^
I also offer nonsexual companionship 🥺
If you just need to cuddle up and talk to somebody for a few hours or spend an evening with a warm body in some PJs rugged up in bed you are more than welcome to book me for an evening of snuggles and selfcare.
No makeup. No lingerie. Just us watching YouTube or listening to music or chatting until we fall asleep.
If you want to get to know me or need a person to spend your morning with then I'd love to grab some coffee with you!
You can pick the cafe and time (at my discretion) and we can spend as much time as you need connecting, discussing future sessions, or even just getting to know each other. 💕
Deposits are non-refundable unless I cancel our booking.
Late, no-show or last minute cancellations will NOT be refunded.
I only respond to texts 💕 thank you!
I am available from Thursday to Saturday;
if you wish to organise a meet up or session outside of these time, then that will need to be organised in advance.
Please message me with
$400/1 hr
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9" / 175cm
Hair: Curly Other
Eyes: Brown
Bust: B cup
Dress: Size 18
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Availability: not set
Location: Perth, WA